• Ameer Sameer Khan

    Ameer Sameer Khan

    Only when I let go of what I am, I can become what I might be.

  • Chrisforsythe


  • Mohamed Panju

    Mohamed Panju

  • Julianne Zimmerman

    Julianne Zimmerman

  • Melissa Tranfield

    Melissa Tranfield

    Software engineering apprentice. EdTech, FinTech, politics, innovation. Founder of EDIFY @edifyldn

  • Aleenah Ansari

    Aleenah Ansari

    Writer at Microsoft | Human Centered Design and Engineering Alumna | Lifting as I climb | www.aleenahansari.com

  • If I Had Been Born A Girl

    If I Had Been Born A Girl

    Challenging successful men everywhere to ask themselves, "How did I REALLY get where I am today?"

  • Nyasha Duri

    Nyasha Duri

    Transparency at mySociety (open source civic tech). Chair of the Board at PCAP. Helping people develop fulfilling careers as a Fellow at Founders of the Future.

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